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Education: About Orthodox Christianity | Life of St. Vladimir

Orthodox Christianity takes a holistic approach to education...our minds, bodies, and souls all must be engaged and effected by what we learn through experience. We fast and feast, pray standing and prostrate, study and discuss so that what we learn will form us into the image of God.

Are you a Genius? 

Then Orthodox Christianity will afford you the opportunity of plumbing the depths of knowledge and guide you more deeply into a faith in Jesus Christ.

Are you an Average Joe?  Then Orthodox Christianity will be able to meet you where you're at and guide you more deeply into a faith in Jesus Christ.

We believe you're never too young or old to learn!  It's beautiful to know as Christians, that because we are learning about God and drawing closer to Him that we will never truly know everything.  In fact, Orthodox Christianity teaches that the greatest educator of our faith is the reality of experiencing God. 

We understand the need for education which feeds the mind and we look to meet that for all ages.  We have educational programs for Youth, College Students, and Adults.

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