St. Vladimir Orthodox Christian Church - Trenton, New Jersey

812 Grand Street; Trenton, NJ 08610

Cemetery Information



The parish cemetery is located at 200 Hunt Avenue, Hamilton Township, NJ 08610.

Funeral Costs

Burial Services: $400 for parishioners

Grave Openings

$50 Plot marking fee (waived for parishioners)

$650-$1,100 Depending on the day of the week

$75 Excavation fee 

$50 Canopy (optional)

Cemetery/Plot Perpetual Care

Parishioner: $1,000 (includes $100 perpetual care charge). Parishioner with less than 5-year parish membership must add an additional $200 fee for each year short.

Non-Orthodox Spouse: $1,500 (includes $100 perpetual care charge). Must be a baptized Christian; Non-Christians are not permitted burial on consecrated cemetery grounds. The Orthodox spouse must be a member for at least 5 years; if not see Parishioner (above) for additional cost.

Perpetual Care: $100 (if not previously paid and plot was purchased prior to January 1, 2007 for less than $1,000).

Monument Deposit: $700 for a new monument/marker, $300 to engrave an existing monument/marker (refer to Cemetery By-Laws).

Persons interested in purchasing cemetery plots or who have concerns about the cemetery grounds should contact:

Mr. Michael Toth-Cemetery Coordinator

Phone 609-393-1234.