St. Vladimir Orthodox Christian Church - Trenton, New Jersey

812 Grand Street; Trenton, NJ 08610

The Divine Liturgy

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  6/6/2021

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  5/30/2021

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  5/23/2021

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  5/9/2021

*Pascha Sunday Divine Liturgy  5/2/201   CHRIST IS RISEN!  INDEED HE IS RISEN!

*Palm Sunday Divine Liturgy  2/25/2021

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  4/18/2021

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  4/11/2021

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  4/4/2021

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  3/28/2021

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  3/21/2021

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  3/14/2021

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  3/7/2021

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  2/28/2021

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  2/21/2021

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  2/14/2021

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  2/7/2021

Divine Liturgy of The Meeting of Our Lord in the Temple  2/2/2021

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  1/31/2021

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  1/24/2021

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  1/17/2021

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  1/10/2021

Divine Liturgy-St. John the Baptist  1/7/2021

Holy Theophany Liturgy of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ  1/6/2021

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  1/3/2021

New Year Divine Liturgy  1/1/2021

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  12/27/2020

Saturday Divine Liturgy  12/26/2020

Christmas Divine Liturgy  12/25/2020

The Nativity of Our Lord God & Savior Jesus Christ

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  12/20/2020


*Sunday Divine Liturgy  12/13/2020

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  12/6/2020

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  11/29/2020

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  11/22/2020

Saturday Divine Liturgy  11/21/2020

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  11/15/2020

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  11/8/2020

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  11/1/2020

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  10/25/2020

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  10/18/2020

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  10/11/2020

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  10/4/2020

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  9/27/2020

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  9/20/2020

Monday Divine Liturgy Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross  9/14/2020

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  9/13/2020

Tuesday Divine Liturgy 9/8/2020

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  9/6/2020

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  8/30/2020

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  8/23/2020

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  8/16/2020

Saturday Divine Liturgy for the Feast of Dormition of the Theotokos  8/15/2020

(Plus+Traditional Blessing of Flowers!)

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  8/9/2020

Thursday Divine Liturgy of the Feast of Transfiguration  8/6/2020

(Plus+Traditional Blessing of Fruit!)

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  8/2/2020

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  7/26/2020

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  7/19/2020

Wednesday Divine Liturgy of the Feast of St. Vladimir  7/15/2020

**Special Guest-Bishop Michael!!

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  7/12/2020

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  7/5/2020

Monday Divine Liturgy of Saints Peter & Paul  6/29/2020

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  6/21/2020

Saturday Divine Liturgy  6/20/2020

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  6/14/2020

Saturday DIvine Liturgy  6/13/2020

Monday Divine Liturgy of the Holy Spirit  6/8/2020

*Sunday Pentecost Divine Liturgy  6/7/2020

Memorial Saturday Divine Liturgy  6/6/2020

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  5/31/2020

Saturday Divine Liturgy  5/30/2020

Thursday Ascension Divine Liturgy  5/28/2020

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  5/24/2020

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  5/17/2020

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  5/10/2020

*Sunday Divine Liturgy  5/3/2020

*Sunday Divine Liturgy 4/26/2020

      with Panikhida for Paul Kavckok

Bright Monday Divine Liturgy

*Pascha/Easter Sunday Divine Liturgy  4/19/2020

Great & Holy Saturday Evening Paschal Matins with Procession

Great & Holy Saturday Vesperal Liturgy of St Basil the Great  4/18/2020

Great & Holy Friday Service  4/17/2020

 Great & Holy Thursday-The Twelve Passion Gospels  4/16/2020

Thursday Divine Liturgy of St. Basil the Great  4/16/2020

Wednesday Liturgy of the Pre-Sanctified Gifts  4/15/2020

Palm Sunday Divine Liturgy  4/12/2020

The Entry of Our Lord into Jersalem

Lazarus Saturday Divine Liturgy  4/11/2020

Friday Pre-Sanctified Liturgy  4/10/2020

*5th Sunday of Great Lent-St. Mary of Egypt  4/5/2020

Friday Pre-Sanctified Liturgy  4/3/2020

Thursday Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete  4/2/2020

Wednesday Pre-Sanctified Liturgy  4/1/2020

*4th Sunday of Great Lent-St. John of the Ladder  3/29/2020

Friday Pre-Sanctified Liturgy  3/27/2020

Wednesday Divine Liturgy  3/25/2020

*3rd Sunday of Great Lent-Holy Cross Sunday  3/22/2020




Saturday Vespers  2/29/2021

Saturday Vespers  5/22/2021

Saturday Vespers  5/16/2021

Saturday Vrspers  5/8/2021

Saturday Vespers with Litya  4/24/2021

Saturday Vespers  4/17/2021

Saturday Vespers  4/10/2021

Saturday Vespers  4/3/2021

Saturday Vespers  3/27/2021

Saturday Vespers  3/20/2021

Saturday Vespers  3/13/2021

Saturday Vespers  3/6/2021

Saturday Vespers  2/27/2021

Saturday Vespers  2/20/2021

Saturday Vespers  2/13/2021

Vespers with Litya for The Meeting of Our Lord in the Temple (40 days)  2/1/2021

Saturday Vespers 1/30/21

Saturday Vespers  1/23/21

Saturday Vespers  1/16/21

Saturday Vespers  1/9/2021

Theophany Great Compline Vespers with Litya  1/5/2021

Saturday Vespers 1/2/2021

Saturday Vespers with Litya  12/26/2020

Christmas Eve Vespers  12/24/2020

Saturday Vespers  12/19/2020

Saturday Vespers  12/6/2020

Saturday Vespers  11/28/2020

Saturday Vespers with Litya  11/21/2020

Saturday Vespers  11/14/2020

Saturday Vespers  11/7/2020

Saturday Vespers  10/31/2020

Saturday Vespers  10/24/2020

Saturday Vespers  10/17/2020

Saturday Vespers  10/10/2020

Saturday Vespers  10/3/2020

Saturday Vespers  9/26/2020

Saturday Vespers  9/19/2020

Sunday Vespers Feast of Exaltation of the Holy Cross with Litya  9/13/2020

Saturday Vespers  9/12/2020

Monday Vespers  9/7/2020

Saturday Vespers  8/29/2020

Saturday Vespers  8/22/2020

Saturday Vespers  8/15/2020

Friday Dormition Vespers with Litya  8/14/2020

Saturday Vespers  8/8/2020

Wednesday Transfiguration Feast Day Vespers  8/5/2020

(Plus+Traditional Blessing of Fruit!)

Saturday Vespers  8/2/2020

Saturday Vespers  7/18/2020

Tuesday St. Vladimir Feast Day Vespers  7/13/2020

Saturday Vespers  7/11/2020

Saturday Vespers  7/4/2020

Saturday Vespers 6/27/2020

Saturday Vespers  6/20/2020

Saturday Vespers  6/13/2020

Saturday Vespers with Litya-Feast of the Holy Trinity  6/6/2020

Saturday Vespers  5/30/2020

Wednesday Vespers with Litya-Ascension of our Lord  5/27/2020

Saturday Vespers  5/23/2020

Saturday Vespers  5/16/2020

Saturday Vespers  5/9/2020

Saturday Vespers 5/2/2020

Bright Saturday Vespers  4/25/2020

Saturday Vespers before Palm Sunday  4/11/2020

Saturday Vespers  4/4/2020

Saturday Vespers  3/28/2020

Tuesday Vespers with Litya  3/24/2020

Lenten Services

Paschal Vigil Service (Saturday evening)  5/1/2021

Liturgy of The Annunciation  of Our Most Holy Theotokos  3/25/2021

Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts  3/24/2021

Liturgy of the Presanctified Gits  3/19/2021

Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete  3/17/2021

Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete  3/16/2021

Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete  3/15/2021

Moleben Services

Friday Moleben to the Holy Theotokos  6/26/2020

Wednesday Moleben to the Holy Theotokos  6/24/2020

Wednesday Moleben to the Holy Theotokos  6/17/2020

Friday Moleben to the Holy Theotokos  6/12/2020

Wednesday Moleben to the Holy Theotokos  6/10/2020

Friday Moleben to the Holy Theotokos  6/5/2020

Wednesday Moleben for the Salvation of Our Land  6/3/2020

Friday Moleben to the Holy Theotokos  5/29/2020

Friday Moleben to the Holy Theotokos  5/22/2020

Wednesday Moleben to the Holy Theotokos  5/20/2020

Friday Moleben to the Holy Theotokos  5/15/2020

Wednesday Moleben to the Holy Thetokos  5/13/2020

Friday Moleben to the Holy Theotokos  5/8/2020

Wednesday Moleben to the Holy Theotokos  5/6/2020

Wednesday Moleben to the Holy Theotokos  4/29/2020

Friday Moleben to the Holy Theotokos  5/1/2020